Coronavirus Travel – Things to Do Before You Rethink Your Plans

The news of the Coronavirus outbreak has continued to spread chills among many travelers. Some have even decided to halt travel plans until the issue is fully contained. Nevertheless, here is what you should do before rethinking your plans. 

Check and Subscribe to Alerts for Coronavirus on US Government Websites 

The United States Department of State has been tracking the developments on the Coronavirus and publishing updates since its outbreak. Normally, they issue travel advisories whenever they believe travelers should cancel trips, reconsider traveling or be more cautious when visiting some destinations. 

Depending on your destination, check whether the US Department of State has issued any travel advisories for that country due to the virus. The countries that currently have such travel advisories include China, Iran, South Korea, Mongolia, and Italy. Travelers should also take extra caution when visiting Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan. 

Visit the Government Websites of Your Panned Destination Country 

It is also advisable that you check the government websites for the countries that you plan to travel to beforehand. Due to the fear that the Coronavirus has caused across the world, many governments have put in new measures for travelers to prevent the spread. Knowing those policies and rules will enable you to avoid any surprises that could compromise your trip. 

Talk to Your Airline 

The Coronavirus crisis has also impacted the disruption of many flights. Many US airlines have canceled flights to several countries and, also increased the airfares to some destinations. Thus, it is also important to reach out to your airline and find out if there are service changes that might affect your travel plans. 

Before canceling or postponing your trip due to the Coronavirus threat, it is also advisable to check your travel insurance policy and discuss your options with your travel agent. You may also want to contact your hotel and cruise line about any changes to their policy regarding the Coronavirus outbreak. Overall, your safety, health, and happiness should always come first when making travel plans.  

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