How to Travel with Necklaces

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Necklaces are among the most common types of jewelry that many travelers usually pack when going on adventures. Necklaces enable you to easily accessorize and maintain a sense of style without wearing very many outfits. However, necklaces can also be very delicate and risky, especially when you are on the road. Check out the following tips for traveling with necklaces. 

Pack Smart 

Depending on the material of your necklaces, improper storage can expose them to various forms of damage. Throwing them inside the clothes and other travel items randomly could end up ruining all of them even before they grace your neck. To make sure that the necklaces remain organized and pristine during travel, they must be separately kept in special containers or cases. 

If you cannot get custom jewelry cases, consider packing the necklaces in mint tins, pill containers or drinking straws. To avoid losing the necklaces and convenience during retrieval, you should pack them in a single place. Add some cotton balls in the containers to prevent the impacts of abrasion. 

Travel with Cheap Necklaces 

High-end necklaces are striking and easily noticeable from a distance. As such, they usually attract a lot of attention that could easily get you into trouble. Although you should not be intimidated by bringing your precious necklaces on the road, consider the risks of losing them. If you have to travel with necklaces, pack those that are not very costly. 

Instead of carrying too many necklaces, opt for a statement necklace that can easily match different outfits without losing its vibrancy. 

Conceal Your Necklaces 

Do not just go around exposing your necklaces to anyone on the road since that could make you an easier target for criminals. Whether the necklaces are packed in jewelry cases, pill containers, mint tins or any other container, make sure that they are safely stashed away in your carry-on or separate luggage. 

Traveling with necklaces usually comes with fears regarding how to keep them safe and in pristine condition during the trips. The above tips can help you to achieve just that. 

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