Questions to Ask The Bank Before You Travel

Questions to Ask The Bank Before You Travel

Nobody wants to be stranded in a foreign country without money to spend. That’s why careful financial planning matters when traveling. Essentially, you should have enough money or easy access to cash while traveling.

Nevertheless, it’s important to notify your bank or your credit card company that you intend to travel to a foreign country. That way, your bank or credit card company will not decline the transactions that you make in a foreign country. But, there are numerous questions that you should ask your bank while notifying them about your trip.

Basic questions

  • Will I use my card in the country that I’m traveling to comfortably?
  • Do you charge additional fees for purchases and withdrawals made in a foreign country?
  • Do you charge a flat fee, a percentage, or both for transactions made abroad?
  • If my debit card or credit card is stolen or lost in a foreign country, what will be my liability?
  • Is foreign transaction or currency conversion fee tacked on?
  • What method can I use to contact you while abroad in case of an emergency?

Specific questions

  • Do you partner with banks in my tour destination?
  • Can I use the ATMs of your partner banks to withdraw money without paying additional fees?
  • Is there a daily withdrawal limit and can I change it if necessary?

These are some of the most important questions that you should ask your bank when planning a trip to a foreign country. Perhaps, the most important thing is to ensure that your bank knows that you will be traveling abroad and that you intend to access your money from there. In most cases, the bank will guide you accordingly to ensure that you will have easy access to your cash from your destination.


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